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Democracy Park. You can find information such as facility introduction, Park Information and map, etc.

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  • Coming from Choryang Station
  • Coming from Busan Station
  • Coming from Guduck Stadium
Coming by bus
No. 38 / Democracy Park – Borim Theater – Mangyang Road – Exhibition Hall – Suyoung Road – Haeundae Metro
No. 43 / Democracy Park – Komodo Hotel – Busan Station – Exhibition Hall – Seomyun – Gujae-ri – Naesung Road – Banyeo 1-dong
No. 70 / Entrance of Democracy Park – Guduck Stadium – University Hospital – Nampo-dong-Youngsun Road – Koshin University - Youngdo Wonwoo Apt.
No. 135 / Entrance of Democracy Park – Bosu 4 junction – Kookjae Market – Passenger Port – Dongsam 4 junction – Korea Maritime University
No. 190 / South Bumin-dong – University Hospital – Guduck Stadium – Entrance of Democracy Park – Busan High School – Busan Station – Busan Bridge – Chunghak-dong
Coming by taxi
- Get on in front of Busan Daily News – (the other street side of Busanjin Station – it will take 15 minutes
- The other side of Busan Station, Entrance of Choryang-dong (In front of Hana Bank) – it will take 7 to 10 minutes.
- Get on at the other side of Guduck Stadium, in front of Moonhwa Apt. – it will take 15 minutes.
- Get on at Kookjae Market or Modern Historical Museum – it will take 18 minutes.
Coming by subway
When using line 1, you need to transfer to bus or taxi at Busanjin, Choryang-dong and Busan station
Coming by car
When coming from Busanjin Station and Gokwan Entrance
When coming from Busanjin Station and Gokwan Entrance.
When coming from Busan Station and Choryang-dong
At the other side of Busan station is the entrance of Choryang-dong
  • ① Straight to Sanbok Road (Passing Busan High School and Busan Digital High School)
  • ② Entering Sambok Road (at the T-shaped cross road, in the direction of Democracy Park, turn left)
  • ③ At the Y-shaped cross road, turn left and continue straight.
  • ④ At the Y-shaped cross road, go straight to Chungang Park Square and after 500m, make an 11 o’clock turn which will lead you to Democracy Park.
  • ⑤ At the Y-shaped cross road, turn left and enter Democracy Park through the one-way road.
When coming from Kookjae Market and Catholic Center in Daechung-dong
  • ① At the junction of Kookjae Market, turn on Sambok Road
  • ② Pass the Chung-gu district office and turn left in the direction of Marinol Hospital. Turn left at the first cross road and continue straight
  • ③ Pass the Chunggu Well-Being Gym and Row House and turn left, then continue straight
  • ④ From ④ and ⑤ on Clause (2) is the same routine.
Democracy Park is a space symbolic of the democratic movement of Busan and operated by the Busan Democratic Movement Foundation in association with Busan City.
Phone : 82-51-790-7400 / FAX: 82-51-790-7410 / Email : demopark@demopark.or.kr
19 Minjugongwon-gil Jung-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea 48901