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Democracy Park. You can find information such as facility introduction, Park Information and map, etc.

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Theater (Grand / Cubby Hall) is located on the 1st floor of Democratic Struggle Memorial Building.


Democracy Park Grand Hall has 419 seats
encompassing 2 floors, and includes handicapped
seats, so that it is suitable for medium size scholarship
activities and art festivals. It is a proscenium stage that
has an area of about 198.34m² (60 py), and it is a cultural
complex where it is possible to screen movies using a
beam projector.

Cubby Hall

It is designed experimentally with the concept of a Korean traditional over-hanging floor included in the theater of Democracy Park, so that the usage of this hall is limited to specified fields.

Even the medium theater is fit for the medium-scale scholarship activities and art festivals using about 400 seats. The small theater is suitable for experimental yard playing, such as dancing, and concerts because the the stage and auditorium are so close that you can feel the breath of each other. It is frequently used for scholarship conferences and small lectures.

Also, its movable floor gives it a strong ability towards experimentalism, because it is conveniently able to change the stage and auditorium shape accordingly.
Democracy Park is a space symbolic of the democratic movement of Busan and operated by the Busan Democratic Movement Foundation in association with Busan City.
Phone : 82-51-790-7400 / FAX: 82-51-790-7410 / Email : demopark@demopark.or.kr
19 Minjugongwon-gil Jung-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea 48901