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Democracy Park. You can find information such as facility introduction, Park Information and map, etc.

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Democracy Library is located on the 3rd floor of the Democratic Struggle Memorial Building.

Democracy Library is operated with the purpose of
aligning the past meanings and present tasks for
the democratic movement and providing basic
democracy education by collecting, arranging and
preserving all records related with the democratic
movement after independence, to be read by
citizens, students and scholars.

Library Status

  • 1. Records control Room : Here, fumigation, sorting, and registration are conducted. It preserves significant documentary records and democratic publications, books, and pictures such as trial records related with the Democratic Movement and news from the days when the June Democratic Movement took place. It is operated to preserve records without any damage by installing a thermo-hygrostat and anti-bacterial moth ball.
  • 2. Permanent Exhibition Hall safe : Paintings, engravings, hangings, and pictures related with the Democratic Movement have been preserved. A thermo-hygrostat, halon fire extinguisher is installed.
  • 3. Planned Exhibition Hall Preparation Room : Interim preservation of collected records.
  • 4. Education Room Library : It preserves foundation published books and records.

Information for preserved data and user instructions

  • You can find details about preserved data status and reading if you visit ‘Democratic Archive’
  • Contact person : 82-51-790-7482
Democracy Park is a space symbolic of the democratic movement of Busan and operated by the Busan Democratic Movement Foundation in association with Busan City.
Phone : 82-51-790-7400 / FAX: 82-51-790-7410 / Email : demopark@demopark.or.kr
19 Minjugongwon-gil Jung-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea 48901